Led ring light with wireless amplifier and dynamic microphone

Item number: 60 4020
Ean code: 047663367446
Led ring light: 26 cm diameter • Phone holder with flexible hose • Table tripod • Iron floor tripod • 360 degree rotation tripod head • Adjustable microphone support • Multiple color temperature • Remote control • Supply: through the built-in USB-DC cable to be connected to a power bank, PC, phone charger etc. Wireless amplifier with dynamic microphone: KARAOKE ON/OFF VOICE FUNCTION: play all your favourite songs and Switch OFF the original voice on the music. NOW you are the singer ! • You can play music/audio: - from a micro SD card (not supplied); - from a smartphone, tablet, PC/Laptop, etc. using the wireless connection (Bontempi) • Adjust microphone volume • Volume adjustment of the track being played • Previous/next track selection keys • Adjust echo effect • Micro SD card (TF) slot • Micro USB socket for charging cable (included)
Main features
Needed batteries: 1
Type of Batteries: LITHIO
Batteries included: INCLUSE
cf_slot_sd: SI
Product size
cf_is_master_cartoon: 4
cf_vol_master_cartoon: 0.0750
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