Professional cardioid condenser microphone and mixer set

Item number: 60 6020
Ean code: 047663367453
Microphone: connectable to the mixer, ideal for streaming, chatting, podcasting, singing, recording • Compatible with all major social media platforms • Cardioid pickup: captures clear, smooth and crisp sound in front of the microphone and excludes background noise Mixer: • Microphone equaliser • Microphone, musical backing track and monitor volume control • Echo effect control • Recording and special effects volume control • Live broadcast mode for smartphones, tablets and computers • 5 voice equalisations • Voice modification • Vocal pitch • Karaoke (voice enhancement for singing) • Noise cancellation • Wireless BT • Voice over (automatic reduction of background music when speaking into the microphone) • Internal play (recording of mixer output sounds via live OTG/PC port) • Voice cancellation for karaoke • 16 Special sound effects • Mute button • Condenser microphone socket (supplied) • Headset socket • Earphone socket (headphones or earphones/external amplifier) • 3 live broadcast inputs for smartphones, tablets and computers (2 4-pin audio cables supplied) • Live OTG/PC socket (USB C to USB C cable supplied) • 5V - 1A charging socket (USB C cable supplied) • Microphone capsule diameter: Ø 16 mm • Sensitivity: -32db ± 1db • Frequency range: 20Hz-20KHz • Output impedance: 150Ω • USB cable: 1.4 metres • Material: aluminium alloy • Sampling frequency: 48000Hz • Bit depth: 16Bit/24Bit • Includes: Condenser microphone, adjustable arm, windproof foam cover, shockproof stand, pop filter, XLR cable, Mixer with 4 cables
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